Save Money by Your Repairing Fitness Equipment

Keeping your exercise equipment in top working condition is essential for every commercial gym, athletic facility, or hotel fitness center. No one wants to visit a gym where most of their machines creak and crack or have out-of-order signs on them.

That’s why working with a trusted fitness equipment repair company is crucial to ensure your machines stay in working condition and look brand new.

Certified Commercial Gym Equipment Repair Services

Direct Fitness Solutions restores your exercise equipment to its best condition when machines break down. We offer a wide variety of exercise equipment repair services, including:

  • Cardio equipment repair
  • Strength equipment repair
  • Treadmill repair
  • Elliptical repair
  • Exercise bike repair
  • Stepper repair
  • Cable machine repair
  • Specialty equipment repair

Our team of professional gym equipment repair technicians will provide high quality repair services, no matter the equipment manufacturer. We’ve worked with an extensive selection of major brands, such as Precor, TAG Fitness, and Dynamic Fitness & Strength.

Preventative Maintenance Plans for Fitness Equipment

Are you tired of seeing “out of order” signs on your machines?

Direct Fitness Solutions provides comprehensive preventative maintenance plans that allow your fitness equipment to handle significant use without worrying about downtime.

Depending on what you need, we offer a variety of service contracts revolving around how often our technicians visit your facility.

During your gym equipment check-up, we’ll professionally disassemble machines to deep-clean both the inside and outside of equipment.

Our team of fitness machine experts also makes specific adjustments to your machines and replaces worn-out parts, belts, and other items to keep your fitness equipment safe and in proper working order.

Responsive Service

No service request is too big or small. If you need quick and efficient fitness equipment repair for your machines, Direct Fitness Solutions has the experience and skills to complete the task.

Our in-house certified service department will use manufacturer parts on all repairs. Every customer is valued and receives a service request response within 28-48 hours.