Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell brands other than Precor, TAG, Dynamic, and Ecore? 

Yes, we sell many more premium brands. We can accommodate your needs with additional brands for cardio equipment, strength equipment, functional training, and fitness accessories. 

Do you sell used fitness equipment?

Yes, Direct Fitness Solutions sells certified-pre-owned equipment. Each piece of previously owned equipment is examined, serviced, cleaned, and finally tested by our service team. After each piece has been through this rigorous process, it is ready to be sold as a certified pre-owned equipment piece. Certified pre-owned equipment is a great, cost-effective option for home gyms, schools, police & fire, and more.

Do you sell fitness and athletic flooring?

Yes, Direct Fitness Solutions sells and installs numerous types of fitness and athletic flooring.  We specialize in helping customers choose flooring for sound management, training functionality, facility branding, and aesthetics.

Who delivers and installs equipment purchased from Direct Fitness Solutions?

The Direct Fitness Solutions team. Direct Fitness Solution does not outsource delivery and installation. We have our own fleet of trucks, delivery crews, and installation crews. When you purchase from Direct Fitness Solutions, our team works for you every step of the project, from start to finish.

Can you help design my fitness space?

Yes, Direct Fitness Solutions specializes in fitness facility layout and design. We are accustomed to working with architects on new builds and re-creating new equipment placement for existing spaces. We pride ourselves in custom design, safe equipment placement, and facility flow.  Our 3D design software allows our customers to see the space, not just envision it. 

Does Direct Fitness Solutions offer financing for purchased fitness equipment?

Yes, Direct Fitness Solutions offers financing options for new fitness equipment purchased for commercial gyms. 

Can Direct Fitness Solutions repair fitness equipment?

Direct Fitness Solutions has a certified service department managed from our main office. We have multiple service reps located in each of the states where we conduct business. This allows us to maintain a 24-48 hour turn-around time from your original service request. 

Does Direct Fitness Solutions offer preventative maintenance services?

Within our service department is a specialized preventative maintenance team. This team is certified to offer preventative maintenance on brands sold by Direct Fitness Solutions. We offer various preventative maintenance plans to accommodate the varying needs of our customers.